Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Honda Way

The Honda Way. Translated from "The Honda Myth: The Genius and His Wake", Vertical Inc. New York, 2006. Translated in the Indonesian language by Affan Achyar. Publisher Hikmah Jakarta, the first printing August 2008.
Telling gait Duo Genius: Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa mengatasai competition in the automotive world. The author is Masaaki Sato, Japan's leading automotive journalists. In the 80s, Sato has joined the Nikkei (Japan its Wall Street). So his work in automotive journalism in Japan is not in doubt.
Mr. Honda (Soichiro Honda) was a technical genius, likes to party and be the center of attention. His lectures made ​​after he was working. Nickname: "thunder".
Fujiswa (financial expert) have opposite personalities. A loner and very rarely drives his own car. Nickname: the "Godzilla". Often stay at home. Both were introduced by a Japanese bureaucrat in 1949. Hiroshi Takeshima, Department of Commerce officials in Japan or now called Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MITI).